6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in India

1. India's GDP is on a roll

India's gross domestic product is reaching new heights every year. India is now the 7th biggest economy in the world.

2. India's FDI is on the rise

India's foreign direct investment has been increasing significantly since the past five years. There are three major countries that are known to be the biggest foreign direct investors in India. Mauritius, Singapore and United States, which bring in more than $15 billion into the country.

3. India is turning into an industrialised economy

India is moving from being an agriculture based economy to an industrialised and service focused economy similar to the US, Europe and other industrialised countries.

4. India's population keeps on growing

In terms of population, India is the second largest country in the world. By 2025, India will be the biggest country in terms of population. Western markets like the European Union and the United States are set to benefit from a 1.15 plus billion population in India.

5. Doing business in India is getting easier

India is among the top 40 nations to have carried out the highest number of business regulation reforms in the last five years, most of these related to introduction of technology to ease business operations.
Nowadays, in just 30 days one can have one's business up and running. Doing business in India is getting easier and investor friendlier year-on-year.

6. India & China: New Economic Gravity by 2050

Andreas De Rosi mentions in his article a research paper of Danny Quah, from the London School of Economics.
Quah wrote that the world's economic centre of gravity is projected by 2050 to locate, literally, between India and China. So doing business in India is a must for companies with a long-term view, as will sooner or later come back to the time when it was the biggest economy in the world.

Sourced from - AJSH & Co